In their own words

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Key members of the Shared Estates team talk about what the project means to them.

Daniel Dus, Founder and CEO

Renewable Energy pioneer and serial entrepreneur Daniel Dus talks about one of his key motivations for founding the fund: “the lack of asset backed, sustainable, focused investment opportunities that drive social good.”

Billy Keane, Jan Perry Associates

“The Berkshires is thriving economically, culturally, socially, artistically… but what it also has underlying all of that is a foundation of calmness, of natural oneness and stillness… it is a creative community,” says Billy Keane of Jan Perry Associates, rockstar (literally) realtor in an interview with Shared Estates founder Daniel Dus. Billy nails the essence of the Berkshires, and strikes at the heart of why the region is poised for a great renaissance in the work from home world. 

Lindsey Shmid, Director of Marketing

Lindsey Shmid takes a personal look at the abundance of natural, cultural and culinary opportunities the Berkshires has to offer. “I try and get to as many things as I can and I don’t even scratch the surface.”

Jessie Tobin McCauley, Creative Director / Investor

“Everyone came here for the same reason: to unplug from city life, get a slice of Berkshire life, and slow down.” Jessie Tobin McCauley talks about some of the reasons so many people are coming to the Berkshires from places near and far.

Kamil Peters, Artist / Welder

Artist and Welder Kamil Peters talks about his passion for mentoring young people as he creates art and builds spaces for Shared Estates properties.

Jason Dus, Generatl Contractor for The Freeman Berkshires

Jason Dus talks about the robust, carbon neutral approach to the renovations that his team performed for The Playhouse, and now The Freeman Berkshires.

David Erwin, Software Engineer / Investor

David discusses being a first-time real estate investor, the proprietary booking platform being developed by Shared Estates and how technology is enabling the largest real estate syndication / crowdfunding ever done in the Berkshire Hills.