The Freeman Berkshires

Rehabilitation to rental.

We brought new life to the 15K square foot, 40 acre Freeman Berkshires estate, updating its brick and pine aesthetic to a minimalist modern destination for group rentals and events. We added a 1,500 sqft bluestone deck, edible gardens, game room, IT, three-acre vineyard and dock to provide guests with a wide variety of functional spaces to enjoy however they please.

This project is supported by the successful closing of the largest Equity Crowdfunding raise ever done in Berkshire County. The property is owned by 141 investors, investing as little as $1,000 each, from Wall Street and Main Street – for more information visit our funding page. This is the democratization of real estate.


The property is just over 100 miles from both Boston and New York City. It is roughly ten minutes from downtown Great Barrington and Egremont, less than ten minutes from Mt. Washington State and East Mountain State Forest and their extensive hiking trails. Bash Bish Falls and Catamount Ski Area are also close by. Harman Marsh Pond is onsite.


The original section of the estate was built in the 1800s with an Adirondack Lodge layout. The property was then acquired by the prior CFO of a Fortune Top 10 company, and a large red-brick addition was added, increasing the property to over 15,000 square feet. The rehabilitation used best-in-class materials, including imported marbles, hardwoods and giant pine.

Creating an escape

We will create stunning indoor-outdoor spaces and amenities. Install a high end, in-ground pool to splash in. A large English-style greenhouse and edible gardens throughout. Massive outdoor patios.
Docks to enjoy the private pond and a sculpture garden by leading artists.

Modernize everything

The Freeman façade will receive a white lime-wash. Almost every fixture in the estate will be replaced with minimalist modern versions. The kitchen will be significantly updated and stocked with best-in-class amenities. The large garage loft will be reimagined as a virtual reality gaming room.

Private lake, docks and more

Docks will be installed for easy enjoyment of the private pond. Boats and paddle boards will be provided for family fun. A five to ten acre orchard and vineyard will be installed to round out the estate feel, offer unforgettable photos and provide fresh fruits and vegetables in-season to all guests.

These luxury foundations updated to a clean, modern aesthetic and outfitted with the best in functional, entertainment and technical accoutrements make The Freeman an attractive and memorable destination for a wide variety of stays, including reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, retreats and time to reconnect with friends and family.

Check out our Case Study on The Playhouse for an example of how our team has brought new life to unique but neglected properties, then successfully rented them out to individuals, groups and for events.

Now anyone can invest in carbon neutral luxury real estate.
The Freeman Berkshires.