Live Q&A Session

Real Estate Crowdfunding Webinar

How you can become a luxury real estate investor… for less than a coffee a day?

Join us for the upcoming live Shared Estates Launch event this January 7th at 2 PM PST. In this live webinar, we’ll share with you how the revolutionary Regulation CF model can help you become an investor, starting today. Now, you can finally gain access to the quality real estate investment opportunities you deserve and start building wealth.

Join us on January 7th at 2 PM PT

Daniel Dus

Managing Director
Shared Estates

Orion Parrott

General Partner
Shared Estates

For decades, real estate investment
opportunities like these have been accessible
only to the wealthy. Until now.


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In this live online event, you’ll discover:

  • One of the quickest, easiest ways for new investors to start their own portfolio in real estate—even if you earn under $40,000/year and don’t have a big network…
  • How Shared Estates is turning an exquisite 11,300 square foot, 40-acre estate into potentially the largest luxury asset investment opportunity ever conducted in Berkshire County…
  • The truth about crowdfunding: Discover the secrets of this revolutionary model and how it’s leveling the investment playing field so that anyone over the age of 18 can benefit…
  • 3 ways Reg CF is helping investors diversify their portfolio and hedge against future market shocks…
  • A rare opportunity for real-estate investors: Why Airbnb has reported 25% growth in this ONE booking type, and how COVID is fueling its demand even further.
  • The Shared Estates amazing “Playhouse” property in the same Berkshire region, and how the manager gained a 40% ROI with his previous investment…
  • PLUS, your questions answered live. Ask us whatever you’d like to know about Reg CF, the Shared Estates initiative, or the luxury properties that are being redeveloped…

We look forward to seeing you there.

—The Shared Estates team—

* Disclaimer: Past performance cannot guarantee future results. The Freeman Berkshires, LLC is offering securities under Regulation CF, Rule 506(c) of Regulation D, and Regulation S through NSSC Funding Portal and has filed a Form C with the SEC. Info can be obtained at